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Kayak Trolleys


Kayaking, in the simplest sense, is the use of a kayak for moving across water. Distinguished from canoeing by the position of the person powering the craft and the number of blades on the paddle (not oar). Modern kayaks are manufactured in three major forms, ‘Sit-In’ kayaks and ‘Sit-On-Top’ kayaks, typically, sit-in kayaks have an elasticated spray, or splash deck. Inflatable kayaks are a modern interpretation of the kayak and are typically lighter and easier to transport. Kayaks are great vessels to access remote or sheltered stretches of water and are usually light enough to carry on the roof of a car. Parking is usually restricted or a good distance from the waters edge and this is where the kayak trolley comes in.

Simply offload your kayak, attach your all-terrain trolley load up all your gear and pull it to your launching spot. No more backward and forward trips to the car, no more leaving your kayak unattended at the waters edge while you run back to the car to get something. Most kayak trolleys can fold down and are light enough to take along with you on your adventure.