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Impi Kayak Trolleys

Impi kayaking and canoe trolleys for both ‘sit-in’ and ‘sit-on-top’.

Impi has been making great lightweight alloy trolleys and have built a great reputation on their easy to use and durable trolleys for both ‘sit-in’ and SOT kayaks and canoes.

The first trolley, or cart, is purpose-built for ‘sit-in’ kayaks and canoes and adjusts to fit a range of lengths and weights up to 29kg. The large pneumatic tyres make it easy to tow your kayak over rough and uneven ground. It’s light, it also folds up easily and the wheels pop off to stow away and take on your adventure. Available in two sizes for either large (double kayaks and canoes) or standard (for single kayaks and canoes), straps are included.

Their second offering to the watersports community is a well-designed trolley for your sit-on-top kayak. Although fundamentally similar to the above offering, innovative, adjustable, forked extensions to the trolley can fit almost any kayak’s scupper holes, making straps an optional extra. This cart also breaks down into its component parts for easy storage. It’s light too, perfect for kayak angling.