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On our website you will find a selection of the best kayak trolleys and related kayaking accessories at the best prices on the web in the UK.
Kayak trolleys make life a lot easier if you have to park far from the water or don’t enjoy making lots of little trips back and forth from the car to get all of your accessories. Simply park up, strap in, load up, trek and launch. You can even get super lightweight trolleys that go kayaking with you! Rough terrain? No problem, get to the waters edge over rocky ground, deep sand and grassy slopes with an all-terrain trolley. Are you a kayak fisherman? If you are, you’ll instantly see the benefits that a good kayak trolley brings.
Don’t forget to check what your trolley is made of, high impact-resistant plastics, aluminium and stainless steel all have their advantages. Plastic trolleys are by far the lightest and if you aren’t going to be carrying extremely heavy loads are always a good option. The innovative C-Tug kayak trolley can carry surprisingly heavy loads, disassembles for easy stowage and it looks good.

The car park is quite a distance from the waters edge, so getting  a kayak trolley has only added to my enjoyment of being on the water.

Aluminium trolleys are hardy and if looked after as well as hosed down after use will inevitably last a lifetime. Impi make extremely good aluminium trolleys, which, with their pneumatic tyres, make traversing rough ground much easier. Lomo have 3 excellent trolley/ cart models, all made of sturdy aluminium and all at really good price points.
If you have a little more to spend on a trolley that’s going to get a lot of use, then a stainless steel one might just do the trick. Mostly custom-made and for specific applications (like crossing sheet ice) they are extremely durable and wont let you down. The main drawback of stainless and aluminium trolleys is that they are relatively heavy compared to plastic and usually unwieldy if you want to take them with you on the water.

With all of the kit on my fishing kayak, it’s become quite heavy so getting  a good trolley for it was a logical step.